Rubens Küffer

Rubens Kuffer holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Conservatório Brasileiro de Música of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 1996)) where he studied the recorder with Ruy Wanderley, and a Master’s Degree from the Staatliche Musikhochschule Karlsruhe (Germany, 2001), where he studied with Karel van Steenhoven. He also took regular recorder classes with Michael Form in Basel (Switzerland).

As a soloist and chamber musician, he has performed in Germany, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and Brazil. Through the better part of his career he has focused on ancient music and, in particular, the Baroque Period. However, in the end of 2013, after the purchase of his first original Boehm system French flageolet, he decided to change his focus to the period he was always in love with: the 19th Century. Since then he has dedicated himself to the pioneering work of rescuing instruments like czakans and flageolets and their repertoires from obscurity (including the restoration of original instruments), developing 3D models together with the 3DEW (3D Early Winds) team (especially with the 3D engineer and designer Federico Xiccato), and the rediscovery of formerly lost techniques and artistic conceptions.

Since 2018 he lives in Italy, where he is making every effort to popularize these two instruments by  presenting recital-lectures in the most important conservatories and, for the first time in music history, giving czakan and French flageolet masterclasses in the International Early Music Course in Romano Canavese.