About the Duo

The influence of Romantic music in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries is so great that to this day a great number of methods and schools of instrumental technique remain unchanged since the Nineteenth Century. Only recently have we realized that the nearly 200 years that set us apart from the onset of the Romantic Era could no longer be left behind when it comes to an aesthetic that encompasses everything from the acoustic conception of instruments to its musical phrasing. There are still very few ensembles and orchestras that are dedicated to Nineteenth Century music which use period instruments, and yet we clearly recognize that by using instruments of the time, as with all other periods of Western music, their timbre and expressive characteristics are very peculiar. Utilizing original and replicated instruments, The Biedermeiers’ repertoire covers a vast collection of authentic works and arrangements following strict aesthetic criteria of the Early Romantic Era. This is possibly the first and only duo in the world to combine the czakan, French flageolet, and romantic guitar in one program.